kpdc consultancy

Our diverse experience and close collaboration with industry provides us with an opportunity to provide consulting services with focus on clients' critical issues of Product, Market and/or industry.



Market Scoping:

  • Viability projects to understand the dynamics of a particular field/product.
  • Identification of growth patterns, key players and impact of new entrants.

Market Sizing:

  • In depth market study for determining the TAM, SAM and SOM.
  • Demand and Supply mapping for current market players along with Gap Analysis.


New Product Launch:

  • Extensive Go-To-Market plans covering aspects of placement, pricing, channel management and sales force management for institutional and retail sales.
  • Forecasts and trends with a focus on maintaining optimum inventory levels.

Product Market Fit:

  • Market survey to determine application, customers, competitive products and their market shares.
  • In house testing of products at KPDC as well as plant scale trials for comparative analysis of competing products.


Value Chain Analysis:

  • A comprehensive value chain analysis with a focus on understanding the competitive advantage (if any).
  • Analysis with a focus on reducing waste (time, resources etc.) to deliver superior value in the market.

Feasibility Study:

  • An all-inclusive study of a project to understand current market dynamics, trends and forecasts, demand numbers at customer level, competitive landscape, product recipes along with a detailed value chain analysis to achieve competitive advantage.
  • Real life case studies of existing players backed with granular level customer/product/application data to improve the learning curve for new players.


Muhammad Rooman Sarfraz

Muhammad Rooman Sarfraz

Founder of KPDC Group and CEO having indeed versatile experience of over 2 decades in Pakistan & Middle East. Key responsibilities including corporate decisions, managing overall operation of the company, expanding and driving profitability.

"Exclusivity is key to success"

Haseeb Ahsan

Haseeb Ahsan

More than 20 years of experience. Key Areas of expertise – Paper, Packaging & Allied Industries.

"Designing & implementing business operations for maintaining & driving operations results"

Suhaib Rashid

Suhaib Rashid

Food and Pharma Specialist with more than 16 years experience in the food and beverage industry.

"Data mapping & analysis leads to efficiency "

Madih Ali Ahmad

Madih Ali Ahmad

Enriched experience in developing company budgeting, accounting & auditing functions.

"Financial management steers company prosperity."

Bilal Muhammad Yaseen

Bilal Muhammad Yaseen

Having more than 10 years experience in strategic planning for organization. Collaborates organization operations & process to ensure strategic initiatives.

"An eye for Planning & Forecasting is key to success"

Muhammad Halim

Muhammad Halim

More than 25 years experience in Research & development in coating industry.

"R&D determine your growth with sustainability"

Muhammad Amin

Muhammad Amin

With over three decades of extensive experience in blue-chip companies Research & Development within the food industry.

"Food connects soul, so ensure purity with quality"