Paper & Packaging

KPDC Paper is involved in the production, development, and supply of chemicals specifically designed for use in the paper and packaging manufacturing processes. The chemicals used in this industry are diverse, ranging from those involved in paper making and printing to additives that improve the properties of packaging materials.

  • Pulp and Paper Chemicals:

We provide chemicals used in the pulp and paper manufacturing processes. These include pulping chemicals, bleaching agents, and additives that improve paper strength, brightness, and printability.

  • Coating Chemicals:

Chemicals are developed for coating papers to enhance their properties. Coatings can improve the paper’s resistance to moisture, provide a glossy finish, and contribute to print quality.

  • Adhesives:

Chemicals used in the formulation of adhesives play a crucial role in the bonding of paper and packaging materials. These adhesives are used in various applications, including packaging, labeling, and laminating.

  • Packaging Additives:

Additives are developed for packaging materials to improve their performance. These may include barrier coatings to protect against moisture and gases, anti-static agents, and UV stabilizers to enhance durability.

  • Specialty Chemicals:

Our specialty chemical includes Max Proof CG & Max Sorb Ultra. 

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